How to hyperlink documents and media to specific change details to help explain these?

You can add documents or media, such as images, PowerPoint slides, process documents, etc. to specific node details to help further explain the change.
  • Linked Files allows you to create a hyperlink to files that support any element in your S&T. Hyperlinked files are uploaded to our secure server so links are always viewable.

Helpful Hint: Saving your work

At Goldratt Research Labs, we appreciate how valuable the content is and that you can not afford to lose any work. There are a number of ways to ensure your work isn’t lost when working in the web application.
  • Helpful Hint : Clicking on 'View Console' will display your history of saved data. This is useful to check when last your changes was actually saved to the cloud.
Remember, it is better to save too many times than to lose any work!